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Axess Power

AAGE Qatar adapts to the latest AGM technology to provide graded industrial batteries that have surpassed all global standards in performance. Our flagship product has a reliable ratio of power and volume making it unique in terms of power density. Since these valve-operated and sealed batteries have zero margins for leaks, it is completely maintenance-free. We have the data on industrial growth and demands over the years making it easier for us to provide these batteries in all specifications covering major sectors.

Our experienced team has analyzed and tested these batteries to withstand shock and has ensured that it is resistant to vibration. Our clients have the leverage to install these batteries in any orientation without any fear of spillage. The electrolyte and the plates used in the batteries we supply ensure they have the ideal characteristics for deep cycle operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent power density models
  • Certified parameters for global standards
  • Extended shelf life for storage
  • Ideal for emergency operations
  • Operational temperature is the best in the industry
Axess Power Battery

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