External Battery Racks or Cabinet for Storing Batteries

Our External Battery Racks and Cabinet design encasing solutions are a premium brand that offer industry-standard features in custom design measurements at competitive pricing. They can accommodate various combinations of Batteries, up to maximum number of strings for complete battery ranges. We are constantly upgrading our racks to match international trends. We also provide the safest environment for your batteries and share the knowledge of proactive maintenance practices for maximum yield on your battery investment.

Salient Features of Our Battery Cabinets and Racks:

  • Made of high-quality heavy gauge steel
  • Epoxy Powder coating to withstand general wear and tear
  • Lifting eye for handling convenience
  • Options for front access batteries or top terminal (monobloc) batteries
  • Sturdy hinges concealed on the insideof cabinets
  • Elegant padlocking for the door
  • Secure locking mechanisms under seismic scenarios
  • Insulations, body stiffeners, and adequate spacing on all sides
  • Leakage-proof gaskets for containing spills as necessary
  • See-through glass panels wherever necessary
  • Outdoor units with rain-hooded vents

High Quality

Great Value

Easy to Install

UPS Application


We design and manufacture custom uninterruptible power supply (UPS) backup battery cabinets, battery racks and accessories for Resellers and System Integrators serving applications including:

  • Data Centers
  • Medical / Healthcare
  • Banking / Financial
  • Communications / Telecom
  • Transportation
  • Shipboard
  • Schools, Universities, and Research Centers
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas
  • Industrial Plants


Battery Monitoring System

AAGE offers PowerShield, a comprehensive Battery Monitoring System (BMS) that includes all the hardware and cabling you need for your specific application. Whether you need to monitor your battery health, performance, or capacity, PowerShield can help you optimize your battery life and prevent failures. You can choose from our standard battery cabinets that are compatible with various battery monitoring solutions from different manufacturers, or you can work with our engineering team to customize a solution that meets your exact needs.

Battery Copper Links & Cable Connectors

We specialize in providing flat copper Interlink connectors that are made of high-quality copper and designed to fit your battery terminals perfectly. They provide reliable and efficient links and cable connectors for your power needs. In addition, we can supply you with PVC or XLPE insulated heavy-duty cables that are tailored to your specifications