Vehicular Batteries Skewed For Top-Notch Performance:

Axess Power

The highly volatile automotive designs and their consistent delivery of new models made AAGE Qatar have a dedicated team for automotive battery supply. We take pride that the automotive batteries we supply have the best accumulation capacity in the industry. The cold cranking and the reserve capacity values surpass the industrial standards and hence the batteries we supply are in great demand. The efficient transfer of power and the low self-discharge makes our batteries last longer than most competitors’ brands. Since the Cold Cranking Ampere is high, this can be used for Diesel Generators and Fire pump applications.

AAGE Qatar promises absolute performance-oriented batteries for the automotive sector. Our batteries have safety as a priority and are capable of performing under extreme operational temperatures. Factory-charged and highly resistant to corrosion make our product an ideal choice for big volumes of battery requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-discharge is the lowest among other brands
  • The service life offered is nearly double that of major suppliers
  • Best BSOC in the industry
  • Good vibration-resistant value and high heat tolerance
  • Built-in accordance with environmental compliance
Axess Power Battery

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