Power Plants Around The Globe Use Our 2v Batteries:

Axess Power

We supply 2V Batteries that use special alloys for maximum efficiency in power handling and charging qualities. This is the most dependable battery type for all industries and hence we paid more emphasis on the quality of the same. The unique microcrystal structuring ensures that the batteries we supply are highly resistant to corrosion. The absorption level of these batteries is higher than any best brands in the industry. The Ph value of the batteries we supply is optimized to deliver good ion mobility for consistent delivery of deep discharge.

AAGE Qatar can identify high-performance batteries that use asymmetrical structuring for desired output. We ensure we deliver you highly durable products that will return you with rich benefits on your investment. Rugged design patterns ensure that the battery delivers even in rough work conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • 12 years of design life, the longest in the industry
  • Minimum ventilation requirements
  • Flexible sizes and shapes are available
  • No acid leaks in its lifespan as they have AGM technology
Axess Power, 2V Battery

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